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Founded in 2006, Harness Master Wiring Systems or HMWS has been designing and assembling wiring harnesses for over 15 years. Built on a solid reputation the company is now a leading manufacturer of world class products and solutions for customers globally, supporting industries including mining, OEMs, civil and construction along with emerging technologies.






Harness Master is a leading manufacturer and installer of electrical wire systems for a wide range of equipment. We serve the mining, construction, agricultural, maritime, automotive, and transportation industries with electrical wire harnesses, installation kits, and custom fabrication.


Our devotion to research and development of new designs, as well as the application of innovative technologies, allows us to remain competitive while still creating trustworthy, durable, and cheap goods for every consumer.

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June 2023

Empowering Excellence through Vertically Integrated Manufacturing


In today’s competitive business landscape, staying ahead requires constant innovation and adaptability.


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