Harnessing Innovation: HMWS’s Approach to Product Development

Embracing Customer-Centric Values

In the broad, competitive, and complicated market of manufacturing, innovation and customer satisfaction is at the forefront of our minds. At HMWS, we understand the complexity of each individual business, problem, and solution. That’s why, we’ve refined our product development approach, focusing on three core principles: Discuss, Design, Deliver. These principles drive our innovation, ensure quality control, and integrate valuable customer feedback, keeping us ahead in innovation and customer satisfaction.


To first understand your business and how HMWS can provide a solution, we must engage in in-depth discussions with our clients. These conversations are more than just basic meetings, but rather are collaborative sessions where we dive into the intricacies of our clients operations and needs.

Our engagement with Action Drill and Blast demonstrates the value of our Discuss principle. Operating a large fleet of drill rigs in remote locations, their priority was the mitigation of downtime, and troubleshooting. Understanding this, HMWS needed to provide a solution consisting of the seamless integration of components and a user focused dashboard that accommodates our signature plug and play system.


Our design principle is all about putting our discussion into action. HMWS’s team of expert engineers use a combination of creativity, and technical expertise to craft each client’s bespoke solution. To reduce room for error, our team will continue to collaborate with our clients to ensure we are creating their ideal solution.

For HMWS’s partnership with Briteforce, a premier lighting and communications tower manufacturer, we continued to work closely with their engineers to develop a solution that seamlessly integrates into their quality products. This process emphasised the importance of ongoing collaboration throughout the design process in order to not only meet, but exceed expectations.


Arguably the most important phase of our approach, where we can prove that our process and ongoing collaboration has paid off. Our delivery to each client is just as unique as their solutions. Having understood each client’s business operations in the Discuss phase, HMWS know what to prioritise in each delivery model. Efficiency and reliability are paramount in each client’s delivery. Short lead times are crucial, especially during periods of high demand or supply chain disruptions.

When working with Ausplow, a leading farming equipment manufacturer, we discovered their challenges with long lead times and harness manufacturer shortages. By initially engaging in meaningful discussions, we gained insights that allowed us to tailor delivery solutions to meet their specific requirements. Prioritising quick turnaround, Ausplow benefited from our ability to maintain stock of their custom harness solutions.

Continuous Feedback

When crafting bespoke solutions for our clients, continuous feedback and collaboration is essential for a successful partnership. By listening to our customers and integrating their feedback into our processes, we ensure that our products consistently meet and exceed expectations.

The need for feedback extends far beyond the Discuss, Design, and Deliver approach. With ongoing global and economical changes, we strongly encourage an open line of communication between us and our partners. Our 20+ year partnership with Delta Autospark is a testament to how ongoing feedback can help maintain our lasting relationships with our clients.

Our Commitment

HMWS’s approach to product development is a testament to our dedication to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. By embracing the Discuss, Design, Deliver framework, we continue to push the boundaries of manufacturing, driving us towards excellence in the industry