Ausplow Overview

Ausplow, led by its founder and chairman John Ryan, has been at the forefront of agricultural innovation for nearly 50 years. Founded with a passion for agricultural innovation, Ausplow is a leading manufacturer of air seeders, particularly renowned for its innovative Deep Blade System (DBS). Ausplow has revolutionised soil management practices, earning accolades such as the Prince Phillip Prize for Engineering Excellence and the Order of Australia. With a focus on soil health and sustainable farming practices, Ausplow strives to enhance plant nutrition and crop yields through cutting-edge technology and a deep understanding of the land.


Faced with a shortage of manufacturers of custom wiring solutions and frustrations with long lead times, Ausplow engaged HMWS to create bespoke solutions for their agricultural machinery. HMWS and Ausplow collaborated to create custom harness solutions for the electronic systems, GPS, and hydraulics used on their range of products and equipment. By engaging HMWS, Ausplow benefits from our ISO 9001 certified manufacturing capability, reliable supply chain, and cost-effective practices. HMWS’s reputation for straightforward and efficient business operations made us the ideal partner for providing scalable production of custom electrical wiring harnesses for Ausplow. This partnership was solidified by a mutual commitment to simple and efficient business practices.

Vertically Integrated Manufacturing

As part of our evolution, HMWS’s divisions have undergone significant transformation. Our manufacturing capabilities have expanded not only in scale but also in scope through our vertically integrated approach. These capabilities now encompass electrical harnesses, metal fabrication, machine shop operations, plastic injection molding, and research and development. Each division plays a pivotal role in providing integrated solutions, fostering synergy among different components to tackle complex challenges.

Long-standing Partnership

Ausplow and HMWS have cultivated a robust partnership built on trust and reliability, spanning several years. This enduring relationship has been a valuable addition to Ausplow’s products and services, with HMWS consistently delivering innovative solutions tailored to their needs. Through a commitment to continuous improvement, HMWS has helped Ausplow stay ahead of industry challenges, offering new and improved harness solutions that enhance efficiency and performance.

HMWS’s dedication to customer support has been exemplary, with quick response times, clear communication, and a willingness to go above and beyond to meet Ausplow’s needs. This level of support has been instrumental in maintaining a smooth and efficient partnership.


The collaboration between Ausplow and HMWS has yielded remarkable outcomes. HMWS’s ability to keep a supply of parts in stock has significantly reduced lead times, ensuring that Ausplow’s operations remain efficient and uninterrupted. This reliability is further underscored by HMWS’s clear and effective communication, ensuring that both parties are always on the same page. These factors have not only optimised Ausplow’s operations but have also strengthened the partnership, highlighting HMWS’s commitment to delivering high-quality solutions and outstanding customer service.


“I would absolutely recommend partnering with HMWS, they provide what they say they’re going to provide and they do that on time, and within budget.”

“Jody at Canningvale. She’s fantastic. She, I deal with her all the time. If I want something, ring her up and she’ll have it available for you, or tell you when it is gonna be available.”

“99 times out of 100, If we want one of our harnesses they’ve got it.”

“They’re very good. They offer a bespoke service for us. Their prices are reasonable, and they always have been on time and when they haven’t been able to be on time, there has always been good communication”

“When something is urgent they work with us to create the item quicker. We’re happy”