HMWS Case Study: Briteforce

Briteforce Overview

Established in 2007, Briteforce is a premier manufacturer of lighting and communications towers and trailers, based in Perth, Western Australia. The company serves critical sectors including mining, quarrying, oil & gas, and construction, with a steadfast commitment to fostering a local workforce. Briteforce’s ambition is to become the global leader in the production of LED light towers, underpinning its operations with innovation and quality.


Faced with the dual challenges of cost efficiency and local labour shortages, Briteforce engaged HMWS to provide a high-quality electrical wiring harness solution that aligns with their high standards. The solution is supported by HMWS ISO 9001 certified manufacturing capability, a secure supply chain and the maintenance of cost efficiencies. HMWS, known for their straightforward and effective business approach, offered the scalable production of customised electrical wiring harnesses, making them an obvious choice for Briteforce. This partnership was cemented by a shared ethos of simplicity and efficiency in business practices.


The collaboration with HMWS has been transformative for Briteforce, with HMWS playing a critical role as a partner. HMWS’s deep understanding of Briteforce’s specific needs has led to streamlined and efficient operations, backed by continual support and open communication. By delegating the electrical wiring harness production to HMWS, Briteforce has seen enhanced efficiency in design, manufacturing, and supply processes. This partnership has not only optimised Briteforce’s operations but also underscored HMWS’s ability to deliver bespoke, high-quality solutions that meet their client’s unique demands. It stands as a testament to HMWS’s commitment to innovation and reliability.

Custom Design Capabilities

The partnership between HMWS and Briteforce has flourished. Together, they have honed a design process that addresses every phase of the product’s lifecycle, including installation, serviceability, reliability, and aftermarket support. This synergy has facilitated a dynamic review and manufacturing cycle, enabling rapid adjustments to design and production.

HMWS’s engineering expertise has allowed Briteforce to allocate resources to other vital aspects of their operation, ensuring superior customer support. This collaboration is pivotal to Briteforce’s continuous product innovation, guaranteeing that their offerings meet the evolving needs of their clientele. Briteforce views HMWS as a key supplier and is keen on nurturing a lasting partnership. This relationship is bolstered by HMWS’s comprehensive service offerings and their positive engagements with the Western Australian branch, highlighting a mutual respect and a forward-looking approach to business.


“Reliability, we just don’t have issue with what they supply”

“They understand the importance of regular feedback, prompt feedback.”

“They are an integral supplier of our business and we hope they stick around for a while.”