HMWS Case Study – Delta Autospark

Delta Autospark overview

Delta Autospark is an auto electrical service provider with a rich history spanning over 50 years. It is a second-generation family business that has established itself as a prominent player in the West Australian market.


HMWS identified a growing need for time-poor electricians to access high quality products that reduced installation times, whilst increasing reliability and serviceability. Further enhancing the HMWS approach was the ability to convert the technical specification into production drawings seamlessly.
HMWS originally approached Delta Autospark with an ADR approved step light marker harness for On Highway trucks. This initial project started what is now a true B2B partnership spanning more than 20 years!


The 20 plus year partnership between HMWS and Delta Autospark has yielded remarkable efficiency improvements and enhanced customisation capabilities for the auto electrical service provider.

Custom Design Capabilities

After working closely with the team on the design of their custom wire harnesses and associated hardware, HMWS sought to create a sustainable value add solution for Delta Autospark. HMWS empowered Delta Autospark to design and draw its own harnesses, providing the team with the skills and expertise required to utilise AutoCAD.
This allowed Delta Autospark to offer a fast, design to manufacture service to its client. By continually adding value, HMWS drives Delta Autospark’s ongoing evolution, ensuring its product offerings align seamlessly with the ever-changing needs of its clients.

“Now we’re able to oversee what is required of each of our clients, in different industries and different vehicles, and feed this directly into the solution we create,” said Carl Fragomeni, Managing Director of Delta Autospark. “The end product that we’re installing is very specific to the vehicle’s requirements, is as close to OEM as possible, and integrates seamlessly as part of the vehicle.”


The reason our partnership with HMWS has been so successful just comes down to their philosophy. The reason Kevin started the company was to ensure electricians had a source of quality products that they could offer to their clients – knowing very well that they could offer that same product directly to the client themselves. But that was Kevin’s philosophy from the beginning: I’m not interested in your client, I’m interested in you.

“Often when you work with suppliers over time you find that as people move on and new management comes in, your service will drop off and your rates will increase. But with HMWS, our relationship has just continued to build over the years. There is always a lot of communication and I feel that I’m always looked after and our working relationship just builds in strength the further we go.

“There’s no comparison on the quality of the products, the systems in place, the machinery, the investment in tooling, and continual investment in the business – it’s second to none.”

“I couldn’t be more proud to be affiliated with a world class organisation as I am with HMWS.
I have an enormous amount of respect and loyalty to Kevin. For his philosophy around how he runs his business, how he has assisted me along the way and how he has helped me grow as a business owner. I consider him a mentor to me, in my business life and can’t thank him enough for that.”