Driving Efficiency Across Industries

HMWS has long been at the forefront of helping their partners discover and develop solutions to help improve efficiency and results. With a commitment to building partnerships, HMWS works closely with businesses to understand what they need to improve their business.
With a tailored approach to each partnership our process begins by building credibility with prospective clients, ensuring that they trust in our ability to deliver. We then dive deep into their business, gaining a comprehensive understanding of how they operate and any pain points they may be facing.

Mining Industry Efficiency

One of the key industries that HMWS serves is mining. In the mining industry, efficiency is crucial, and downtime can be costly. That’s why HMWS developed a plug-and-play solution for Action Drill & Blast, a company operating a large fleet of drill rigs in remote locations. This system has significantly reduced downtime and improved troubleshooting capabilities, allowing the client to focus on installation and operation.

HMWS has also provided custom wire harnesses for Briteforce, a premiere manufacture of lighting and communications towers and trailers. Facing pressures of cost constraints, skilled labour shortages and a need to scale, Briteforce engaged HMWS to manufacture bespoke harnesses for their products. By outsourcing harness manufacturing to HMWS, Briteforce has benefited from faster and more efficient solutions, leading to improved operational efficiency.

Agricultural Industry Impact

In the agricultural industry, HMWS provides bespoke harness solutions for Ausplow, an innovative and sustainable farming equipment manufacturer. Inconvenienced by long lead times, particularly during the pandemic, and a shortage of harness manufactures, Ausplow engaged HMWS to create the custom harness solutions they require for the electrical, GPS, and hydraulic systems used in their farming equipment and products. A notable efficiency boost from this engagement has been HMWS’s practice of stocking the custom harness solutions needed by Ausplow. This strategy has led to reduced lead times and streamlined production processes.

Automotive Industry sector

In the automotive sector, HMWS has worked closely with Delta Autospark, an auto electrical service provider, to develop custom wire harnesses and associated hardware. This partnership has led to remarkable efficiency improvements and enhanced customisation capabilities for Delta Autospark, allowing them to offer high-quality products that meet the evolving needs of their clients.

Partnerships delivering solutions

These partner snapshots are just a few examples of how HMWS’s harness solutions have contributed to improving efficiency across industries. By partnering with HMWS, businesses can expect innovative solutions, tailored to their specific needs, that drive efficiency and contribute to a sustainable future.

To learn more about HMWS’s impact on industry efficiency and to read more case studies and testimonials, visit our website or contact us today